2. valar-morghulis:

    by Ham Sung-choul

    (via amongrunaways)

  3. cross-connect:

    Eric Joisel

    Eric Joisel is considered by his peers to have been among the finest origami masters in the world. This beloved French artist and sculptor created stunningly beautiful and complex sculpted origami paper models. Origami is the Japanese art of forming sculptures out of paper only. And Eric Joisel took this to a whole new level. His pieces are not regular origami models, but completely different interpretations of a very ancient art form.

    Most of Eric’s models are three dimensional and lifelike in appearance. Eric could spend more than 100-hours folding a single piece of paper in order to create his amazing pieces of art.


  4. cross-connect:

    Nunzio Paci

    Artist on tumblr

    “My whole work deals with the relationship between man and Nature, in particular with animals and plants. The focus of my observation is body with its mutations. My intention is to explore the infinite possibilities of life, in search of a balance between reality and imagination.” txt


  6. christinamakes:

    The Pollinator’s Lament.

    11x14 in. Ballpoint and watercolor on paper. 2014.

    Collaboration drawing between Caitlin Hackett and myself.



  7. lohrien:

    Illustrations by puimun